Dip & Pack

Dip and Packing of hunting trophies is the general term that refers to the EXPORT of RAW hides and skulls to a destination outside of South Africa where the trophies will be mounted by a Taxidermist.

Our Dip and Pack facility and Taxidermy studio are separated by a Quarantine fence.

The Government
prescribed process

The process is very regulated by the State Veterinarian Services and our facility is inspected monthly. The Dip & Pack procedure, that is government prescribed, are broken up into two parts:


Process one – Skins hydrated and washed in a salt and soap solution.

Process two – Skins are shaved clean to remove excess fat and grizzle

Process three – Skins are salted and dried

Process four – Skins are folded and packed into storage


Process 1 – Soaked in a salt and de-greaser solution for 7 days to soften all the grizzle, meat and fat up.

Process 2- Cooked at 167 F or 75C until the grizzle and meat starts coming off.

Process 3 – Scull is cleaned off all raw material and washed

Process 4- Scull is dried in open air in the sun for 2 days

Process 5 – Scull is Bleached in Hydrogen peroxide to kill last remaining bacteria and remove fat from bone

Process 6 – Scull is dried and bleached in the sun

Process 7 – Scull is moved to storage


Upon completion of the Dip and Pack process, your trophies are crated on site.

On the “packing” day the State Veterinarian attends and inspects every crate and trophy.

The crate is then sealed and approved for export.